Low Commission* Real Estate Agencies In Kawartha Lakes, Hastings County & Peterborough County, Ontario (1% Listing Fees*)

Wade Kovacic • Local Real Estate Agent

Thinking Of Selling Your Lakefront Cottage? Save Thousands With My Low 1% Listing Commission*.

Listing Your Lakefront Cottage With Me Means You'll Be Getting Superior Services, A Fast Turnaround Time & The Highest Selling Price The Market Will Afford.

Low Commission Real Estate Agents For Lakefront Cottages

Stop Paying A 2.5% Listing Commission When Selling Your Lakefront Cottage.

Cottages - and especially lakefront cottages - in the Kawartha Lakes, Hastings County & Peterborough County areas have never been worth more than they are today.

Which means there is often A LOT OF MONEY at stake whenever someone decides to sell their lakefront property.

A cottage worth $1,000,000 typically means the listing agent will  be paid $25,000 (2.5%), while the selling agent will also receive $25,000 (2.5%).

That's a whopping $50,000 that will come directly from your total selling price.

My low, 1%  commission* means you would only pay $10,000 in listing fees, so you would save at least $15,000 by listing your cottage with me.

I don't know about you, but $15,000 is nothing to sneeze at and there's no need to pay higher commissions if you don't have to.

I offer all of the top services - or even more - that other full-commission cottage realtors claim to offer.

I just do it for for a lower commission*.

As a seller of more than 40 properties last year alone, I have the systems in place to sell your cottage quickly and for the highest amount the market will afford.

And, with a cottage on nearby Bentley Lake, I'm a local resident, know the area well and I also know what the properties in the Bancroft area are really worth.

Lakefront Cottage Real Estate Agents in Hastings, Ontario.

Wherever you are located, I will successfully list your waterfront cottage.

If you own a cottage or lakefront property in or near the Kawartha Lakes, Hastings County or Peterborough County regions - and are thinking about selling, please consider getting in touch with me for a free consultation. I'll get it a ton of exposure, sell it quickly, for the most money and you'll save thousands of your dollars with my lower commission*, I promise.

Lakefront Cottage Real Estate Agents in Peterborough County, Ontario.

Are you currently getting the listing services you need to successfully sell your lakefront cottage?

I offer at least the same - if not more - lakefront cottage listing services as other competing real estate agents and I do it all for a lower commission*. Get the savings you deserve and services you need without settling for less.

Wade's Listing Services

1% Listing Fee
  • Full MLS Listing
  • Full Realtor.ca Listing
  • Multiple Website Listings
  • Professional Feature Sheets
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Virtual Tour
  • Home Staging Consultations
  • Home Improvement Referrals
  • Real Estate Appraisals
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Coming Soon Promotion
  • Open House Showings
  • Mortgage Broker Assistance
  • Mortgage Calculations
  • Brand Name Recognition
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1% Listing Fee

Competing Agents

2.5% Listing Fee
  • Full MLS Listing
  • Full Realtor.ca Listing
  • Listings On 1,000s Of Websites
  • Professional Feature Sheets
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Virtual Tour
  • Home Staging Consultations
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Coming Soon Promotion
  • Open House Showings
  • Brand Name Recognition
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2.5% Listing Fee

Want to know how much money you can save on your listing fees with a cheaper commission*?

These days, paying just 1% - instead of 2.5% - for your listing commission while selling your lakefront cottage property can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Why pay that much in extra fees if you don't have to?

Cottage Sale Price:2.5% Listing Fee:1% Listing Fee:Wade Saves You:
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario Reltors for Lakefront Properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no “catch”.

I still provide all of the services that any other agent offers and nothing is sacrificed.

I just charge less to do it, that’s all.

All agents can set their own rates and I have found that I’m more competitive this way.

I still do well, sell LOTS of properties each year and receive many referrals from happy clients.

The short answer is, yes, they can.

The commissions that a real estate agent (or real estate agencies) charge are not regulated and can, in theory, be as high or as low as they want.

Traditionally, agents in our region have charged a 2.5% listing fee and choose not to offer reduced, discounted or overall cheaper listing fees.


If you are currently under contract with another agent, I cannot discuss selling your home with you.

If you’re not under contract with anyone, we can definitely get together and talk about what I can do for you.

As an active real estate agent, it’s my job to track local sales figures and to know the value of the properties around me.

I also own a cottage on Bentley Lake and know what cottages in the area are really worth at all times.

You are also welcome to speak with past clients.

Fair enough.

As a licensed and active real estate agent, I’ve been in the real estate business for more than 20 years and have the experience you’ll need to effectively market your property and get the highest price possible for it.

And I don’t just say that: I also back that promise with a working guarantee.

Just send me a contact message and I’ll reach out to you right away to find a day and time to talk that works for you.

You can also call me direct at (905) 809-3608 if you’d like.

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