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Have Any Questions About My Low Commission* Fees & How They Work? My Services? I've got answers!

Other than the commission fees being charged, not much.

I offer all of the services that most other agents offer and, in some cases, even more.

I have worked at RE/MAX and other companies before and I actually offer more services for less now.

No, it isn’t, although this is the sort of thing you might hear from a competing sales rep.

I personally offer more services than many agents who charge higher commissions.

I just charge less to do it, that’s all.

That’s OK. A lot of people aren’t good with the math, so don’t worry.

In short, you will save at least 1.5% of the total selling price of your home. This works out to $1,500.00 for every $100,000.00.

So, if your home sells for $700.000.00, you would save $10,500.00.

If you have a rough idea what your home is currently worth, try out my “Low Commission Calculator” near the bottom of this page.

I can’t speak for all agents, of course, but I personally sell a lot more homes than the average agent and work off of that volume (along with lots of referral / repeat business).

I also typically sell 45+ homes each year, while the average agent sells less than five.

The “listing fee” is charged on behalf of the agent selling your house and the “selling fee” is charged by the agent that finds a buyer for your home.

If the same person lists your home AND finds a buyer for it as well, he or she would collect both fees.

On average, each fee is 2.5%: One for the listing agent and one for the buying agent. The combined fee is usually 5% (2.5 + 2.5).

There are two fees in total: A “listing fee” and a “buyer agent fee”.

When you sell your home, you will pay both fees: A listing to your listing agent and another fee to the agent of whoever buys your home.

Any agent can negotiate for any amount, however it’s difficult for the average agent to compete for the lower commission sales.

It depends.

Simply “having an agent” is different from “being under contract with one”.

You can work with any agent of your choosing, unless you’re under contract.

In that case, I’m unable to work with you until your current contract expires.

If you are listing your home with me, the most you will pay for your “Listing Fee” will be 1% (instead of the normal 2.5% that most agents charge).

You will save at least 1.5%.

I currently focus on selling & buying homes in the Toronto, Durham Region, Northumberland & Peterborough areas, although I am always willing to discuss your details wherever you may be located.

Yep, I sure can.

This is a fairly hectic business as it is and I’m used to working ‘weird hours’.

I recently helped a local dentist sell his home (and buy a new one) and his schedule was a real challenge.

I have been selling homes in Durham Region since 2001 and am always aware of how the selling market is trending.

Getting the highest price the market will allow is always my goal.


Other than a minimum selling price of $500,000, my listing rate stays the same and you still get all of my services.

I actually sell quite a few townhomes and condos throughout Durham Region and know the market quite well.

Just get in touch with me and we’ll talk about it.

Commission Calculator

Wade Kovacic's
1% Commission*

$ 5,000

Vs Average Competition
2.5% Commission*

$ 12,500

*Plus Buyer's Agent Commission

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