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Low Commission* Real Estate Agent Fees. Explained.

Learn what a low, 1% listing commission* is and what it can do for you.

How a 1% listing commission can save you thousands when selling your Durham Region home.

When you sell your home, there are typically two real estate agents involved:

01. The “Listing Agent”, who works for you and sells your home.

02. The “Buying Agent”, who represents whoever actually buys your home.

As payment for their services, each agent will receive 2.5% of the final selling price, so the total you will pay in agent commissions is 5% (2 X 2.5%).

If your home sells for $900,00.00, for example, you would pay $45,000.00 in total commissions.

The two agents involved would then split that total commission and receive $22,500.00 each.

Here is how it normally works:

Durham Region Region Home Sellers

This is the couple selling their house.

This couple is selling their home in Durham Region and will need to hire a “Listing Agent” to help them with everything involved.

They have an idea as to what it might be worth, but don't know much about how everything works and just want a smooth transition.

Durham Region Home Being Sold

This is the house being sold.

Whichever agent ends up listing it will appraise its actual value by assessing it against similar neighbourhood sales and will set a market price.

The selling price is always adjustable and can be raised or lowered.

1 per cent listing agent in Durham Region

This is the "Listing" Agent.

“Listing" agents represent the home sellers and take care of legal things, listings, home showings and negotiate to sell the home for the highest possible price.

In southern Ontario, “Listing" agents traditionally receive 2.5% of a home’s final sale price for their services.

Durham Region home buyers

This is the couple buying the house.

This couple wants to buy a house in Durham Region and have hired a “Buying Agent” to help them with everything involved.

Most agents can perform both buying and selling roles.

Traditional 2.5% buying agent in Durham Region

This is their "Buying" Agent.

“Buying" agents represent the home buyers and take care of legal things, finding homes to view and negotiate to buy the home for the lowest possible price.

In southern Ontario, “Buying" agents also traditionally receive 2.5% of a home’s final sale price.

One Per Cent Low Commission Real Estate Agents In Durham Region Ontario

Now we'll sell your home using a low commission* listing agent, instead.

Both agents work independently of one another and the “Buying Agent” still receives 2.5% of the final selling price.

But, if you hire Wade as your “Listing Agent”, his fee is reduced to just 1% (instead of 2.5%).

And that is where you save the 1.5% off the total selling price of your home.

OR, instead of paying a total of 5% in commissions, you would now be paying 3.5%.

In the above example, this would save the home sellers $13,500.00.

Want to know how much money you can save on your listing fees with a cheaper commission?

Paying just 1% - instead of 2.5% - for your listing commission while selling your home might not sound like a lot at first, but it quickly adds up and amounts to quite a lot when compared to the average home selling prices in the Durham Region area.

Home Sale Price2.5% Commission1% CommissionWade Saves You

Is your current real estate agent giving you the home listing services & performance you need for a successful home sale?

Our homes are often our biggest investment and you deserve to get the highest return possible. Listing your home with Wade when you're ready to sell will ensure your current home is listed at its maximum selling value and will provide the marketing services you'll need to get top dollar for it - and often more than the original asking price - as quickly as possible.
Low Listing Commission One Per Cent Explained

Why pay more in listing fees if you don't have to?

You really don't have to pay 2.5% any more and you can still receive all of the services you'd expect from your listing agent.

Give me 15 minutes of your time and I'll explain why I'm the best choice when selling your home.

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