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Guaranteed Home Selling System Ajax, Ontario

We Offer A Buyer Cancellation Guarantee!

That’s right, we guarantee you the right to cancel your buyer agreement at any time prior to making an offer to purchase your Ajax home if you feel our service doesn’t live up to our promise. Oh, and we offer this without penalties or future obligations, too.

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Ajax Neighbourhoods & Average Home Selling Prices

Low commission realtor fees Central Ajax

Central Ajax

Average sales: $500k – $750k

View Map Of Central Ajax

Cheap Realtors Central East Ajax

Central East Ajax

Average sales: $500k – $999k

View Map Of Central East Ajax

Real estate agents Central West Ajax

Central West Ajax

Average sales: $450k – $800k

View Map Of Central West Ajax

North East Ajax

North East Ajax

Average sales: $520k – $750k

View Map Of North East Ajax

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North West Ajax

North West Ajax

Average sales: $400k – $600k

View Map Of North West Ajax

South East Ajax

South East Ajax

Average sales: $550k – $880k

View Map Of South East Ajax

South West Ajax

South West Ajax

Average sales: $430k – $820k

View Map Of South West Ajax

Please note that all references to pricing & sale averages represented on this page are approximate and are being provided to you as an informational guide only.

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Ajax Communities & Neighbourhoods By Name:

  • Applecroft
  • Audley North
  • Audley Road Business Area
  • Audley South
  • Burcher and Bayly
  • Carruthers Creek
  • Carruthers Creek Business Area
  • Castle Fields
  • Central Employment Area
  • Clover Ridge
  • Deer Creek

  • Discovery Bay
  • Downtown
  • Duffins Bay
  • Duffins Crossing
  • Hermitage
  • Lake Vista
  • Lakeside
  • Meadow Ridge
  • Memorial Village
  • Midtown
  • Millers Creek Community Park

  • Mulberry Meadows
  • Nottingham
  • Pickering Beach
  • Riverside
  • Salem Business Area
  • Salem Heights
  • South Greenwood
  • Southwood
  • Village
  • Westney Heights

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